Charity Annual Event

Charity Jumble Sale is a noble cause with an idea to Restore, Reuse and Recycle concept The Ohara School of Ikebana, Hyderabad Chapter had stepped in 2018 to this unique community service of conserving the resources and converting it into charitable cause through jumble sale. Members of the Hyderabad Chapter aided in spreading the social awareness of the concept seeking donations whilst de-cluttering ones homes and contribute for a cause. Chapter got a huge response as people donated items ranging from gadgets to clothes generously for the noble deed. President of the chapter managed to collect, sort the items and shipped all the contents from across the city to the collection point at Sainkpuri at regular intervals.

The generous contribution and the voluntary support and service by the Ohara School of Ikebana, Hyderabad Chapter was highly appreciated and accolades poured in from the Charity jumble sale team.

Teaching Ikebana to Children at School

Hyderabad chapter, with a mission to spread Ikebana far and wide is approaching different schools to demonstrate this beautiful art before the children. we believe that this attempt would bring students closer to the nature and enhance their creativity. Schools have noticed that this art helped in increasing student’s concentration level making them more focused and attentive to hone their artistic sensibilities and aesthetic principles of design. As expressed by one of the Ikebana demonstrators at school, “the children have shown great interest towards the art form. They were surprised to see how beautifully the floral arrangements were done in cup and saucers and with simple utility items, with a clear sense of understanding of various colour combinations.  They observed and noted down the rules of the arrangements with amazing precision and enthusiastically replied when checked on their level of attention. It was a richly rewarding experience and I was elated to see the young, sharp minds getting involved in trying to grasp the fine nuances of this beautiful Zen floral art. Teaching the young minds was quite a learning experience and sharing this humble art of Ikebana with Gen next was most enriching of them all”.