May the magic of the ‘New Year’ bring Peace and Prosperity, Hope and Harmony and let us Nurture and Cherish each other through the Year

The monthly programme for the month of December was conducted on 11th December between 3 & 4.30 pm. Weaving & Folding of Leaves was presented by Mrs Geetha Somashekhar, an accomplished Sogetsu Master from Banglore.

She demonstrated various methods of Leaf folding and then incorporated the same folded leaves in her Ikebana arrangements

Each arrangement was distinctive as she showcased the intricacies of manipulating the tender coconut leaves so beautifully. Her patience and dedication to the art was greatly appreciated by members .

It was an outstanding demonstration indeed!!!

Our visit to ‘Mahabodhi Buddha Vihara’ was memorable and peaceful. Discourse and meditation by Head Priest was elevating. We walked through the Vihara and got to know the significance of the stupa. It was inaugurated by ‘His Holiness’ H H Dalai Lama.
Our heartfelt appreciation and thanks to Ms.Revathi Macherla , Ms.Rekha Bayanker for their initiative , coordination and effort in making the program a success.

“Floral-Quizz‘ – monthly program was organised by Mrs Horen Sharda Reddy, First Master,on the 26th of October, giving an in-depth insight into history of Ikebana, Hyderabad Chapter and Ohara curriculum. Questions were carefully compiled and presented by her. Members participated enthusiastically and appreciated her efforts…!
Hearty Congratulations to the Winners.

Our program presentation of “Participation Certificate” to twenty eight participants of online Begginers Course was held on 30th November 2021, at Ohara Chapter’s office at ‘The Nest’, Rajbhavan Road, Hyderabad.
Recipients of the certificate, Chapter members and Committee members graced the occasion.

Program started with an inspiring prayer by Ms.S. Kameswari garu. Sub-grandmaster Ms Ohka Meenakshi Devi and President Ms.Ho-shin Shashi Kola presented the certificates to the participants. Beautiful arrangements were showcased and explained in detail by Masters Ms. Meenakshi Devi , Ms. Sharda Reddy and Ms.Shashi Kola. Participants enjoyed viewing arrangements from close quarters and clarified their doubts.

First program held at the Chapter office after the Pandemic, received lot of appreciation from members for its vibrancy and cheer….!!

The seventh session of ‘Online Ikebana Beginners Course’ was conducted by Ms. Ho-shin Shashi Kola, First Master, Ohara School on Friday the 19th November 2021.

Eight arrangements depicting Basic & Advanced Hana-isho forms in flat and tall containers and Moribana Styles of the Introductory & Beginners Course curriculum were on display.
The rules of these forms & styles, introduced by earlier Masters were recapitulated by her, enumerating finer points of each.

Her arrangements blended beautiful garden foliage with exotic Orientals and Chrysanthemums. She emphasised on observing Nature to develop an interesting perspective while making an arrangement. Preservation of flowers and foliage and general rules of Ikebana were explained in detail.
Overall it was an informative and educative session.

Our Online Begginer’s Course on the 12th November was presented by Ms Koya Sharmila Agarwal, Associate First Master. She brought out the colourful simplicity of Advanced Hana-isho One Row and Radial forms beautifully, using foliage and flowers from her garden . Her artistic temperament came across vividly in her arrangements with clear explanation.

Ohara Online Beginners Course organised by the Hyderabad Chapter, conducted its sixth session. Mrs Suika Jaisjree Shunmugaraj, Fourth Master, Ohara School demonstrated & displayed Advanced Hana-isho’s Radial and One row forms with simple materials.
She explained at length the important features of this style highlighting their subtle beauty and modern outlook.

Our 4th session on the 29th of October was presented by Ms. Ho-Sho Usha Bhagia, Associate First Master. She impressed upon students, important features of Moribana style, color combination of flowers n foliage and rules to be applied

Ohara Online Beginners Course organised by the Hyderabad Chapter, conducted its sixth session. Mrs Suika Jaisjree Shunmugaraj, Fourth Master, Ohara School demonstrated & displayed Advanced Hana-isho’s Radial and One row forms with simple materials.
She explained at length the important features of this style highlighting their subtle beauty and modern outlook.

Our 3 rd session on October
25th , commenced with Moribana style by Mrs Horen Sharda Reddy, First Master. She showcased beautifully garden materials, giving emphasis to water space. Placement of the main stems was explained in detail.

On October 20th, second session was presented by Ohryu Rekha Reddy, First Master, demonstrating Basic Hanaisho styles in tall vases. She explained at length the simplicity of the styles and impressed upon members ‘ Less is More ‘.

Hyderabad Chapter of Ohara School of Ikebana is glad to introduce for the First time Online Beginners course. Do avail this opportunity.

Hyderabad Chapter is proud to announce the commencement of ‘Online Beginners Ikebana Course’ has successfully taken off on 8th October 2021.
Mrs Ohka Meenakshi Devi, subgrandmaster conducted the first session, demonstrating & explaining in detail the Basic Hana-isho styles from the curriculum of the Ohara School.

AGM was held on the 20th of September 2021, on Zoom platform. The President, Secretary, ATA n Treasurer presented their reports…!! Minutes, Balance Sheet and Resolutions were passed unanimously…!

Video of Ikebana arrangements made with the concept of Independence Day by the Ohara chapter members, Hyderabad.

The 75th Independence day of our nation was celebrated with reverence and joy by the members of our Chapter. Talks by guest speakers Sri Anjaneya Reddy, formerly of the IPS and Smt. Vijayalakshmi Narne, founder secretary of the Hyderabad Chapter of the Ohara School, were enlightening and motivating.

Tsubaki Hema Patkar
Moribana Upright using aquatic materials

Hema Patkar demonstrating Moribana Upright Color Scheme Arrangement

Honoki Krishnaveni Varda demonstrating Moribana Upright Style

Moribana Upright styles by Krishnaveni Varda

This program was conducted excellently by the ATA Chairperson Mrs Nirmala Agarwal in the month of July. Many congratulations to her and to the demonstrators.

Tsubaki Hema Patkar, Associate First Master & Honoki Krishnaveni Varda, Instructor, presented Moribana style arrangements explicitly with beautiful arrangements and detailed explanations. We thank them for their time and efforts taken.


“Let’s walk with the arist
through her Ikebana treasure…….”

Artist : Mrs. Meenakshi Devi,
Sub-grand master of Ohara school, presented an interesting and creatively crafted Ikebana journey, of her exquisite vases brought from all over the world, with tips of doing appropriate Ikebana style floral arrangements in them.
This programme was organised by SHARE AND ENJOY IKEBANA,
conceptualised by Ms. Poornima Shah


Fundraiser program for the pandemic, ‘SONGBOLA’ : The Musical Bingo !!

Conceptualizar Hitesh Teckchandani absolutely captivated the audience with his hilarious witticisms and sharp dance moves, he made sure that everyone was involved in on the fun. The event was an absolute blast with members and friends participating enthusiastically.

We thank all our sponsors for their generous contribution and appreciate our dynamic members, Meenakshi Sujanani, Revathi Macherla, Jyothsana Akkineni & Rekha Bayanker who put in great efforts to make this program successful.


Newsletter of the
Hyderabad Chapter of the Ohara School of Ikebana for the year 2020 – 21 was circulated to all the chapter members and also to other chapters in India.

A two year calendar has been created by our members, crafted artistically using their own unique floral arrangements for the years 2021 & 2022. We appreciate immensely, Mr.Narendra Paruchuri, CEO, Pragati Offset Pvt Ltd, to have released it.

We enjoyed the exquisite Ohara arrangements by Masters from Germany…. Mrs Zoo Lan Lee Rotter and Mrs Regina Oberndorfer. The flowers, materials and vases used were extraordinary and a delightful experience . It was wonderful to watch them work effortlessly.

Charisma of Spring
A Virtual Ikebana demonstration by Iemoto Hiroki Ohara, Headmaster of the Ohara School of Ikebana, Japan.
This was the first ever demonstration organized by an Indian chapter on this platform.

It was well received by outstation and chapter members.

All the participants enjoyed watching
Headmaster Hiroki Ohara at work, creating beautiful Ohara styles with ease. Simplicity of Ohara school came across vividly.

We could make this programme a success, a milestone in the chapter with support and good team work of the committee.

Hyderabad Chapter of the Ohara school of Ikebana released its News Letter for the year 2020-2021 on the 22nd of April, by Mr. Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary,Industries & Commerce and Information Technology, Telangana.

In our tradition and culture, Guru plays an important role and leaves an everlasting impact in our lives . Our Program Gurusamhitha, Hyderabad Chapter pays homage to our Founder President GrandMaster Mrs.Horyu Meena Anantnarayan on her birthday,31st March.

Shashi Kola, President & committee pay their respects.

An informative talk on ‘ Rocks of Hyderabad’ , was presented by Mrs Frauke Quader. Could watch the most beautiful and unique rock formations.
She emphasised on the necessity to save rocks, which otherwise could cause ecological imbalance.

This March two students applied for Certificates .
Underterred by the COVID situation ATA Chairperson Nirmala Agarwal successfully conducted the Fouth Term Masters Exam at ‘NEST’, the chapter office , for Deepika Degapudi, student of Sharmila Agarwal.

Congratulations to Deepika for successfully completing her exam

‘Charming Leaves’, the virtual demonstration by Hiroko Kawata san was truly charming !!!
Sensei’s emphasis on leaves was absolutely enthralling.
The traditional landscape and colour scheme arrangements were very well explained and depicted. Kudos to her patience, attention to detail and perfection.
Arigatogozaimus, Hiroko san.🙏

Active Teacher’s Association – Learning Series 1 by
Nirmala Agarwal & Usha Bhagia

We have initiated an innovative and motivating program for the benefit of our members. It is to facilitate awareness of the latest changes in the curriculum..

Nirmala Agarwal demonstrated Basic Hans-isho …. Rising & Inclining Forms with their variations

Variation of Rising form

Inclining Form

Variation of Inclining Form

Usha Bhagia demonstrated – Advanced Hana-isho , Linear Form Narabu & Radial Form Hiraku

HIRAKU -Radial Form

NARABU – One Row or Linear Form

Our heartfelt gratitude to Sub Grandmaster

Silvana Mattei from Italy, for her gentle presence and her virtual demo of aesthetically pleasing ikebana arrangements.
Enchanted to see her work with nimble fingers and with so much of passion. It was indeed a pleasure watching such meticulously planned, inspiring and informative demonstration.
Subgrandmaster Mattel’s message – Make beautiful things happen ( also during the lockdown)
Thanks to the Hyderabad Ohara Chapter for inviting me to give this demonstration on Sho Chiku Bai.
I loved every single moment of its preparation and sharing it with so many friends.
My heartfelt thanks to my wonderful team.


Fusion of Indian Handicrafts & Japanese Ikebana by Ohka Meenakshi Devi, First Master, Hyderabad, India.

The demonstration will be one of its kind, as it is a union of Indian crafts & the traditional art form of Japan, Ikebana.

OHKA MEENAKSHI DEVI our most talented and distinguished member once again mesmerized with her unique demonstration, PARAMPARA. Her arrangements were a fusion of Ikebana and Indian crafts displayed in exquisite containers using aptly selected materials, all the while narrating effortlessly aided by her extensive knowledge.

To spread the essence and to enjoy the serene Art of Ikebana, Hyderabad Chapter has conceptualised a desk calendar.

Team Calender’
Rekha Reddy
Sharada Aluri
Indumathy Davloor
Rekha Bayanker

Nirmala Agarwal, Sharada Aluri, Paruchuri Narendra & Shashi Kola

‘MASTER STROKES’ by masters from various states of India

Our program on Photography and Public speaking was incredibly successful.

Ms Indumathy Veeraswami Davloor, Associate Second Master, Ohara School, enlightened the chapter members on the nuances of photography of ikebana arrangements using smartphones, for amateurs and beginners. A well conceptualised and presented… “Ikebana Klickart”

Shirish Dundoo, the National President of JCI India (2019) has had the opportunity to attend 17 Natcons, 6 ASPACs and 4 World Congresses among other prestigious events over the years. He has surpassed many milestones with smart work, grit, determination. One of his most impressive feats was attending the prestigious JCI Leadership Academy held in Japan in 2018.

Gandhi Jayanthi

Hyderabad Chapter members pay humble respects to our beloved freedom fighters Bapu Mahatma Gandhiji and Shri Lal Bahadur Shastriji on their birth anniversaries.

Mr. Birad Rajaram Yajnik , Director & Curator at Mahatma Gandhi Digital Museums & Trustee – Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, inspired the viewers with his motivating talk on Gandhiji.

Ikebana demonstration by Ms. Deepti Yajnik was conceptualised very aptly and based on Gandhiji and freedom movement

Ms. Reenu Jain’s memoirs on Shastriji provided a lot of insight on life and struggles of Lal Bahadur Shastriji.

Welcoming the new committee of the Hyderabad Chapter, Ohara School headed by Shashi Kola for the term 2020 – 2022.

Wishing all the very best and looking forward to many interesting and innovative programmes ahead.

Warm wishes from Christopher Lim Afridi

A Most beautiful Wish and Happy Birthday to the Ohara Chapter. May the members day filled with laughter & lots of love from far and near. Wishing you good health & every of your most wanted dreams come true to you. Many happy returns of the day and the whole year through! With huge Hug!! Pls dear Members of the Ohara Chapter stay safe and be extra careful when you are out and about doing your errand. Remember to wear your mask ok. take care

Independence Day Celebrations – Virtual zoom programme….
Released a video…



Extremely creative programme, well executed by Deepika Reddy…. very impressive…thank you Deepika

Valentine Days Programme at Revathi Macherla’s residence… excellently organised by Revathi and Poonam Panwar …..

Flowers, friends, frolic!
lovely ladies spreading joy through flowers and games.A big hug and a thank you for all members who made it so special.

What a better way to start our new year with a demonstration by Mrs. Deepika Mansingh !!!! bundle of knowledge and passion . we extend our whole hearted gratitude and joy. we wish you all happiness and love.


Ohara Ikebana, Hyd Chapter was given an opportunity to organize an Exhibition with floral arrangements related to ‘ Bapuji’s life’, at on the occassion of 150th Mahatma Gandhiji’s birth anniversary. The theme of the arrangement was Swatch Bharat and Gandhism. Really very inspiring theme. All our group members were very much involved in to the theme and displayed their creativity


Two days Introductory workshop for the members on Indian Classical dance Kathak by none other than world renowned Kathak Dancer Mrs Mangala Bhatt

Chapter’s annual ikebana exhibition was conducted in the memory of late Horyu Meena Anantnarayan at Ala Liberty. Legendary Kathak.

Dancer Mrs Mangala Bhatt and multi-faceted  NIFT Professor Lakshmi Reddy were the chief guests for the event. News Letter was released on this occasion. Certificate holders received their certificates from the chief guests.

An Ikebana exhibition was conducted at the Eucalyptus Garden Store, Hyderabad. Members participated in a big number and enjoyed the hospitality of the store.

Reflexology is an ancient form of therapy, Dr Indu of Ambrose Wellness Centre took a two-hour long workshop for the members and guided them to take care of simple and common ailments in everyday life.

Mrs Chanda Agarwal and Mrs Nirmala Agarwal presented Ikebana Demonstration at LMG Smart Kids School.

Active Teacher’s Association’s meeting was conducted on the 20th of February at the Chapter’s premises. It was attended by a large number of teachers who shared their views and fixed the date of exams for instructors and Masters. The meeting was followed by a beautiful Ikebana demonstration of Realistic Landscape and Bunjin style arrangements by Asso First Master Yuri Hari kumari.

Chapter organised “Festive Bonanza” to raise fund. This was the first time in twenty years that we came up with unique idea of organising a bazar. Hard work and efforts brought lots of fun and gave opportunities to members meet and greet.

Ikebana demonstration at Jawahar School, Waraciguda for the junior & senior students was presented by Mrs. Krishnaveni Varada.

Ikebana demonstration at Richmonds High School was presented before the students of 9th & 10th std.students by Mrs.Chanda Agarwal

The Hyderabad Rockathon is an annual full-day event of nature-related activities in the rocky hills in and around our city, organised by the Society to Save Rocks and the Great Hyderabad Adventure Club. This year, the society invited us to join with a small demo and exhibition of their arrangements.

 Chapter joined hands with annual Sainikpuri Charity Jumble Sale authorities by taking the active part. Chapter members donated new & used articles for the cause. Chapter President Sharmila Agarwal collected and send to the concerned authority. She supported the cause by being there at the event and rendering her services.

ATA held its meeting at the residence of Mrs Sharmila Agarwal residence. Meeting was followed by the demonstration on Bunjin style by Ohka Meenakshi Devi.

Ikebana demonstration at Radha Kishan Balika Bhavan School was organized by chapter members Ms. Kameswari Kasturi & Ms. Annapurna Chilukuri as part of chapter social initiative.

Hyderabad Chapter of Ohara School of Ikebana in association with Asa Bhanu Japan Centre had organized an Ikebana exhibition at State Art Gallery of Fine Arts. Mr Takaoka Masaki, Deputy Mayor of Miyoshi city, Japan was invited as chief guest for the event. Mr Uchiyama Kojiro, Consul – General of Japan, Chennai was invited as guest of honour.

On behalf of the chapter Ms. D Deepika gave a demonstration at Oakridge International School on ikebana. A presentation was briefed on topics like history of Ikebana, various style of arrangement

First Master Ms Purnima Shah from Mumbai Chapter of Ohara School was invited for a demonstration. Mrs Sharmila Agarwal also introduced the new committee members for the term 2018-2020

Annual General Body Meeting was held at chapter premises Nest. This was the election year for the chapte. Mrs. Sharmila Agarwal took over the mantle of the chapter from Mrs. Jaishree Shunmugaraj.

First Term Master Ms. Rekha Reddy was invited for a demonstration on Hosun style by the chapter. She highlighted the finer points to be kept in mind while doing this style of Ikebana.

The annual potluck lunch was organized at Past President Mrs. Sharda Reddy’s residence before the chapter closed for summer break

Guru Samhita – chapter’s annual Ikebana exhibition was held at FNCC to celebrate the birth anniversary of Founder Mrs. Meena Anantanarayan. It was followed by Ikebana demonstration on basic and advanced Hana-isho by Ms. Sharmila Agarwal & Ms. Nirmala Agarwal